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SURABAYA TOUR BROMO 2 days 1 night

Surabaya Tour Bromo Package

surabaya tour bromo tourSurabaya Tour Bromo is a Surabaya Tour Bromo Package allow to visit Bromo Tour from Surabaya Mount/Gunung Bromo is one of the famous beautiful scenery and tourist atraction in East Java Indonesia. Mount Bromo is be tourism and populer in the overseas. The famous atraction of Mt Bromo is the beauty of Bromo Sunrise. Best View point to see Bromo sunrise tour is from Mt Penanjakan trip, although can see the sunrise from the peak of Bromo Crater. Around Bromo, there are also you can Mount Batok beside Mount Bromo, Mount Kursi, and Mt. Semeru is the highest peak in Java and one of the most active volcanoes. Tour to Bromo can be reached by walking down the crater walls and across the desert for about 3km to the slopes of Bromo. After passing the 250 steps, you will find with bromo crater with white smokes.

Surabaya Tour Bromo with duration trip  2 days 1 night, is the favourite package who want visit the beauty of mount bromo tour

Detail itinerary Packages Surabaya Tour Bromo 2 days 1 night is as follows:
1. Surabaya Tour Bromo package start by pick you up at Surabaya Airport
2. Transfer you into Mount Bromo by our tourist car for 3 – 4  hours driving (take a rest and lunch at local resto)
3. Check in hotel in Bromo area
4. Having dinner
5. Free program
1. Tour Bromo start wake up at 03.00 am
2. Pick you up at hotel at 03.30 am and we already to do the Bromo Sunrise Tour, by Jeep 4 Wheel Drive
3. Through the sea of sand, driving up to Penanjakan Peak to see the Amazing Sunrise, the trip is around a hour
4. Afterwards back to the Jeep 4 WD and we visit to Bromo Crater
5. Driving down and after a hour arrive in the bottom of Bromo Crater
6. Walking up the upstairs and arrive at the rim of Bromo Crater after 30 minutes
7. Tour Bromo finish after 1 hour, back to the Jeep 4 WD, return to the hotel to have breakfast, showering and loading your bags
8. Check out hotel
9. Transfer you out to Surabaya. Program Surabaya Tour Bromo Package ended

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Surabaya Tour Bromo


Surabaya Kawah Ijen Tour

Surabaya Kawah Ijen Tour 2 D 1 N

Surabaya Kawah Ijen Tour or Surabaya Kawah Ijen Tour package is visit Kawah Ijen Crater with located at the peak of  Mt Ijen. Ijen plateau has Area Tourism Park or Nature Reserve is located in the District of Ijen slippery,  and the district Klobang Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. East Java

Kawah Ijen Crater lies at an altitude of 2368 meters above sea level. Interesting of Ijen Vulcanoe is the crater is located in the middle of the largest caldera on the island of Java. The size of the caldera about 20 kilometers. The size of the crater itself is around 960 meters x 600 meters with a depth of 200 meters. This crater is located at depths greater than 300 meters beneath the caldera wall.
Surabaya Kawah Ijen Tour is Visit Mt Ijen with duration trip is 2 Days and 1 Night.

Itinerary the trip of Surabaya Kawah Ijen Tour  package  are as follows:
Pick you up on your arrival in Surabaya airport or train station, direct to Ijen Bondowoso with duration 8 hours driving, arriving in Ijen (Sempol village) and fell the local atmoshphere. check in Hotel arround Ijen and free program.

Kawah Ijen Tour start at 04.3 am and pick you up by Privat Car and go direct  to Ijen with duration trip 45 minute , accompanied with the guide and tell you about Ijen. arriving at Paltuding breakfast for a moment and start trekking to Ijen crater with duration 1.5 hours, arrive on the top and to feel the beautiful scenery in Ijen with many workers and sulfur which is coming out from the tube, rilexs with to take picture about Ijen, after satisfied back to the bottom and transfer back to the hotel, to take shower loading your bag and check out from the hotel then transfer out to Surabaya Airport.end of service.

Information about: Surabaya Kawah Ijen Tour

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surabaya kawah ijen tour


Surabaya Kawah Ijen Tour Banyuwangi Bondowoso